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The Greatest Supercross Race Ever – Supercross is Weird – Episode 1

Welcome to the first ever installment of a series I’m calling “Supercross is Weird”. This series will detail some of the stranger or generally more awesome moments in Supercross history. For episode 1 today, we look back at what might have been the greatest Supercross race ever. Hope you enjoy!

Music credits:

Evan King – “Guardians”…

Glassic – “Smooth Jazz Piano Instrumental”…

Sirius Beat – “The Cosmos”…

Spikes Vibes – “Very Chill Saxophone Hip Hop Instrumental”…

Ross Bugden – “Something Wicked”…

bensound – “The Lounge”

bensound – “Little Planet”

bensound – “Straight”

bensound – “Better Days”

Radiem Cinema – “Cool Upbeat Background Music”



Supercross Live

Racer X Illustrated

Motocross Action Magazine

Dirt Rider Magazine


Tony Blazier



Transworld Motocross


Thanks to anyone I missed! If I missed giving you credit, please let me know! I will make it right. Thanks to our loyal following for making these things possible!

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