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The World of MX Simulator – Episode 4 – A1 & SD1

Start Your Systems presents a new series detailing the ins-and-outs of the popular Motocross Simulation game MX Simulator.

Join four year MXS veteran Kellen Brauer as he teaches you more about the game, why he plays, and the many things you can do in the most realistic Motocross game on the planet.


Episode 4: Anaheim 1 & San Diego 1

The 2016 season is finally here! You’ve seen the motions Kellen went though to get himself ready for the 2016 racing season, now see what happened in the first two weeks of the year right here.

Anaheim 1 and San Diego 1 were the first two rounds to greet the riders of MotoOption Supercross and Kellen found himself right in the mix from the get go. Find out how he fared in the opening rounds.



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