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MX Simulator – SYS Racing 2016

The 2016 MX Simulator Racing season is here and a bunch of old pals have finally come together for one badass MXS team. You know it’s something crazy when the least experienced member of the team is SYS co-founder Kellen Brauer! Please enjoy this team edit and be sure to download our skins below where you can run our public bike!


Team Pack:…

Hey you! Want to enter a contest for a chance to win your very own SYS Racing team kit? That’s right, full sets of gear and bike combos with your personalized name and numbers on them for your free use! Just be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to see more info when the contests are released, or be at our Livestreams of the following Pro MXS rounds for more info!

Round 2 – San Diego 1

Round 5 – Phoenix

Round 8 – Atlanta

Round 11 – Detroit

Round 14 – St. Louis

Round 16 – East Rutherford

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