Submit Your Video!

Back in 2012, I ran a YouTube channel called VurbmotoGamers in which users could submit videos to be posted on the channel. That is essentially the exact premise here where you can figure our ways to submit your video below and then we will take your video, add an intro, outro and lower third overlay and upload it to the community channel! There are certain guidelines that need to be followed so please read carefully below the submission form.

How to Send Your Video to Us

You can use services like Dropbox, Mediafire or Google Drive to upload your video to and then you just need to include the link to your video in the space provided below. The form will email directly to our community manager where she will handle the download from there. In the message space provided, please link us to your channel as well as other items you wish to have linked in the video description. YOU MUST INCLUDE A LINK TO YOUR VIDEO IN THE MESSAGE BLOCK.


    In order to make sure we stick to a YouTube creators guideline, we must conform to certain rules outlined by YouTube. Furthermore, we will not be posting videos with excessive profanity in either the gameplay itself, music used, or the persons spoken words. We withhold the right to not upload or to take down videos we deem to have violated YouTube guidelines or our own personal standards. Music is acceptable in your videos but over-popular songs will not be permitted for fear of copyright strikes leading to channel take-downs. We will email you and politely decline videos we will not be uploading to the channel. We hope you understand our point of view and we look forward to helping you grow your own personal channels!